Bad, bad drivers …!

Bad, bad drivers! A word of caution though. There are some Bluetooth Dongles out there with some nasty and very suspicious drivers and application software. I bought one the other day with BlueSolei Drivers and if I wasn’t “tecno savvy”, it would have installed a piece of spyware on my computer. In fact, in order for the software to work, it will insist that you must be connected to the internet ( or have access to the internet).

My firewall alerted me that some EXE file was trying to connect to the internet while I was browsing. Lo, and behold, there was BlueSoleil Exe trying to hijack my browser. Since I use Firefox 2.0, an illegal operation window flashed up. When I investigated the cause, I discovered the EXE was trying to access the internet via IE. What nerve! Needless to say I “killed it” – instructed my firewall to DENY access and ticked the “REMEMBER” option. From now on, the firewall application will just ignore its requests.

So, be alert and don’t let proprietary software install any nasty “listeners” on your computer. Safe surfing!!