Bad, bad drivers …!

Bad, bad drivers! A word of caution though. There are some Bluetooth Dongles out there with some nasty and very suspicious drivers and application software. I bought one the other day with BlueSolei Drivers and if I wasn’t “tecno savvy”, it would have installed a piece of spyware on my computer. In fact, in order for the software to work, it will insist that you must be connected to the internet ( or have access to the internet).

My firewall alerted me that some EXE file was trying to connect to the internet while I was browsing. Lo, and behold, there was BlueSoleil Exe trying to hijack my browser. Since I use Firefox 2.0, an illegal operation window flashed up. When I investigated the cause, I discovered the EXE was trying to access the internet via IE. What nerve! Needless to say I “killed it” – instructed my firewall to DENY access and ticked the “REMEMBER” option. From now on, the firewall application will just ignore its requests.

So, be alert and don’t let proprietary software install any nasty “listeners” on your computer. Safe surfing!!

Wireless Home Networking ….

Still got cables trailling through the ceiling of your house or alongside skirting boards to connect your PCs to one another in your home? Well, the price of PCI-wireless cards has come down considerably that it has become a viable (not to mention affordable) option to link your PCs.

Another method of linking your PCs is to make use of Bluetooth USB Dongles. They go for about R79.00 nowadays. Install them (run the software) and you can set up a network between PCs using the Bluetooth LAN option. Of course you need a dongle for each of the PCs you want to connect to. It’s very nifty if you want to share printers and other peripherals (additional, plug-in hardware).

Buying a Personal Computer (PC)?

Don’t be fooled by ads for cheap computers. I’ve noticed there is a tendency by computer hardware suppliers to advertise only the price of the hardware (the box) – they don’t point out that the price for the Operating System (OS, such as Window XXXX) is not included. Some even “forget” to point out that the price EXCLUDES the monitor.

Before you jump into your car to buy the “best deal of your life”, phone the shop and get the name of the salesperson and ask him/her if the price advertised includes the price for the OS. If they are not sure, don’t even bother going to the store – chances are the price advertised is just to lure you into their shop.

Remember: Ask them if a licenced (with genuine Windows logo) disc is included in the price. Traders whose deals are above-board will even display the Microsoft Hotline number in their shops.