IE users fume at “less intelligent” claim

“Users of IE (Internet Explorer) have a lower IQ (Intelligence Quotient) than those using other web browsers” was one of those itches that needed to be scratched. As hard I tried, I could not resist a poke at this. The BCC recently reported that a survey has “unearthed” an indication IE users are, shall we say, “less intelligent” than those using Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc. Of course it is somewhat of a stretch to claim such a thing to have merit, but it made me smile … and wonder.

IE has long been one of those things “best avoided” in my domain, ever since the security holes on the early versions of IE came to light during the crawling stage of the web. Perhaps, it was my “intelligence” which guided me in the direction of other browsers or the fact that whenever I use IE (even the latest ones), the fight is on – keeping popup ads from taking over my monitor or my home page from being “brow-jacked”. Over the years IE has “copied”… err improved by adding a number of features from other browsers to remain a contender in the “browser wars”.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no “browser war”. Firefox has its own quirks and is not perfect, but it won my heart. The customization options available make it worthwhile – not to mention its rock-solid performance. It does freeze up so now and then, but most of the time it is due to the “creativity” of a particular website.

So, make the “smart choice” and stay away from IE :-).