Mobile wars – they are here.

Cellular dominance war

Your mobile communication device, whether a “smart” or a “dumb” phone, an IPad, Android tablet of “phablet”, is the ultimate prize for the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple etcetera who are “at war” over becoming the dominant player in the market. In non-technospeak, it means they are “upsizing” – the bigger you are as a market player, the stronger you are, the more you can throw your weight around (… in theory).

Google’s moves included buying out handset maker Motorola, making its mobile operating system Android Opensource and launching (revamping) its own social networking offering, Google+.

Microsoft has also been put under the microscope by market analysts who blame Nokia’s declining sales on its dogged partnership with Microsoft’s “old, sluggish and buggy” Windows mobile operating system. In fact the latest industry talks indicate that Microsoft has jettisoned the “entry level” phone market – including its entry-level smartphones. One of these days, the only Microsoft phones will be on the same “level” as the other mobile phones on the market.

Yahoo, once one of the “most loved” tech companies has come under fire for “falling behind” in the innovation race – failing to come up with novel and creative ideas to remain on top. No so long ago it was reported that Yahoo has gone through CEOs like ticks on a hot plate.

What does this all mean for the consumer? Although Google is already a giant on the Internet, its growth will soon see it become the Godzilla of everything to do with data and information. In fact, there are some who are convinced that the behemoth has already become unstoppable and that sooner or later smaller, more innovative ICT entrepreneurs will either have to bow down before it or get gobbled up.

I wonder what the solution is – if there is one. Any ideas?